Energy Alternatives for an Asphalt Production Site

Reducing the CO2 emissions and optimizing the energy consumption in asphalt production. Alternative Energies will help to reduce the CO2 footprint of an asphalt production site. Asphalt production nowadays is mainly driven by the usage of fossil high-density fuels. Asphalt production companies are seeking for alternative solutions to make the production of asphalt much more [...]

White Paper: Circular Economy Business Models

Adapting Business Models to a Changed Global Agenda Economic performance in the secondary sector is characterized by a linear value creation model: extraction of raw materials - production of goods - use of goods to satisfy needs - disposal. This model proves to be unsustainable in several aspects. The one-time use of resources depletes their stock. At the same time, the disposal process harms the planet [...].

SDGs: Business Model Impact

Recognizing the impact of the business model on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) In September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The agenda includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 sub-goals. Globally, the SDGs form the single, common framework for sustainability efforts. In their implementation, business, academia, and the public sector all play a [...]

Pay-per-use in the residential environment

Sustainably meeting changing needs in the living environment Needs in the living environment change over time, depending on the personal life situation. What innovative business models are there to meet changing needs? One approach that has become established in other industries is pay-per-use. Here, products are not sold, but services are charged according to use. For example: [...]

Activities Sustainable Business Lab.

Round Table: Circular Economy for Building Owners, TUs, GUs Zoom, September 1, 2020 How do building owners, GUs and TUs get started with Circular Economy? What do you have to look out for in tenders? What are the best practices? And where are we today and where do we want to be in the future? In three short inputs, Enrico Marchesi (NEST), Marloes Fischer (Madaster) and [...]


V-ZUG makes everyday life easier with high-quality, innovative household appliances. Whether for cooking, dishwashing or washing: If you expect more than standard, V-ZUG is the right place for you. Switzerland is a central location. In order to continue to research, develop and produce successfully in Switzerland, V-ZUG is making its production site fit for the future. By 2033 [...]

Sustainable Business Lab

Kick-Off Countdown Are you in? DaysHoursMinutesSeconds Designing for the Triple Bottom Line. What does sustainability mean to you and your company? How can you reconcile people, planet and profit - the triple bottom line? And what if the whole thing could also be a lot of fun? The activities of the Sustainable Business [...]

Train Estates

The Zug Estates Group designs, develops, markets and manages properties in the Zug region. In doing so, it concentrates on centrally located sites that allow a variety of uses and sustainable development. The real estate portfolio consists of the Zentrumsareal/Metalli Zug and Suurstoffi Rotkreuz.The development of the sites follows strategically defined sustainability principles in the areas of energy, [...]