BUILDing360.cockpit: Digital twin retrieves real-time data

Improve building operation and save energy thanks to BIM and IoT The BUILDing360 portal developed by HHM enables digital planning, construction and management. In the current project, work is being done on the cross-site monitoring of buildings with BUILDing360.cockpit using the example of the digital twin of the Innovation Park Central Switzerland Rotkreuz. Through the cloud-based networking of the building information model with IoT sensors of a start-up and building automation elements, the building management [...]

Connectivity in the building (KiG)

The project "Connectivity in Buildings" has set itself the goal of increasing energy efficiency by improving the interaction between the individual trades, disciplines and technologies through digitalization. Buildings are an immensely important area when it comes to achieving climate targets and using energy efficiently. Digitization offers an important tool for this and can improve the well-being [...]

Our community platform

Discover the interactive co-creation platform for our innovation community. Jointcreate is the platform for our community to make Open Innovation a success. We put your project idea in the spotlight and connect you with experts to realize your project idea together with you. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to submit your idea to a call for proposals. In the Message Stream [...]

Smart Energy Home

Opportunities for smart buildings through the new energy law Every building is part of the energy ecosystem. Self-production and consumption play an essential role in the planning and use of buildings. The new legislation brings new opportunities but also challenges for the members of the Innovation Park, which are being elaborated in an interdisciplinary way within a Smart Energy Homes working group. With the [...]


Buildings become comparable through a well-being index The vision of the project was that buildings become comparable through a well-being index. The index is to be calculated from room and user data. The background for the topic was that health and indoor climate are often in focus, but today there is no possibility to measure and certify them objectively. Project goals Components [...]

BIM and IoT

Integrating sensor data in the BIM model The project group has created a prototype of a digital building model with Internet-connected devices (IoT) at the Innovation Park in Rotkreuz. The special value of the open innovation approach lies in the functional prototype and the insights gained. The contributions of the participants from companies and universities built on their different backgrounds of experience. Objectives We create an executable [...]


BIM2Field becomes reality The project was about seamlessly transferring a continuous BIM2Field workflow from the 3D model planning data based on the BUILDing360 component catalogs to the construction site. For this purpose, an end-to-end process was implemented at the Innovation Park Rotkreuz in cooperation with Burkhalter Group and Leica, with convincing results and important insights. Initial situation In the new building of the Innovation Park Central Switzerland in [...]