Conscious and fulfilled living

An Open Innovation Project by Strüby Konzept AG Forecasts by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office predict a growth of the permanent Swiss resident population from the current 8.6 million to 10.4 million in 2050. The 10 million mark is expected to be exceeded in 2040. The share of the over-65s in the total population will increase at an above-average rate - from today's 18.9% [...]

A real power cube visiting Otto Fischer AG

From Monday, July 24 to Friday, August 04, Switzerland Innovation Park Central will be closed. We wish you a nice summer and look forward to welcoming you back on August 7! You want to be always up to date and know what's going on in the park? Then follow us [...]

2050 energy concept for a mixed-use area

Development of an innovative energy concept for a new, site-independent and medium-sized area in Switzerland with different types of use. Global warming affects everyone. A global warming of at least 2 degrees Celsius is to be expected. This is likely to bring additional changes in humidity and more extreme weather conditions. This poses new challenges for the [...]

Energy Alternatives for an Asphalt Production Site

Reducing the CO2 emissions and optimizing the energy consumption in asphalt production. Alternative Energies will help to reduce the CO2 footprint of an asphalt production site. Asphalt production nowadays is mainly driven by the usage of fossil high-density fuels. Asphalt production companies are seeking for alternative solutions to make the production of asphalt much more [...]

Automation of threshold values

Deep learning algorithms to define best threshold values are key components in this project. Threshold values play an important role in the optimisation of running HVAC-systems and their surveillance concerning unexpected operating modes. MST as energy management provider and HSLU - T&A in cooperation with Empa will be working on deep learning algorithms to get automatised values based on historical data. [...]

Renewable Energy on Neighborhood Level

Integration of renewable energy on neighborhood level is a key point in reaching the goals of the Swiss energy strategy 2050. If the commitment of the goals of ES 2050 shall be fulfilled, the integration of renewable energy-especially for space heating and domestic hot water production-comprise one central key point. SFOE has lately started its own initiative on the topic. An [...]

Efficiency Improvement Program for Domestic Appliances

Boosting Energy Transformation 2050 by accelerated removal & replacement of inefficient domestic refrigeration It's (global) time to act! The energy transformation (Swiss: 2050) is under huge time pressure, in the housing sector the implementation speed is not fast enough! The housing sector has a big impact on the national energy & carbon base line. White [...]

BUILDing360.cockpit: Digital twin retrieves real-time data

Improve building operation and save energy thanks to BIM and IoT The BUILDing360 portal developed by HHM enables digital planning, construction and management. In the current project, work is being done on the cross-site monitoring of buildings with BUILDing360.cockpit using the example of the digital twin of the Innovation Park Central Switzerland Rotkreuz. Through the cloud-based networking of the building information model with IoT sensors of a start-up and building automation elements, the building management [...]

Connectivity in the building (KiG)

The project "Connectivity in Buildings" has set itself the goal of increasing energy efficiency by improving the interaction between the individual trades, disciplines and technologies through digitalization. Buildings are an immensely important area when it comes to achieving climate targets and using energy efficiently. Digitization offers an important tool for this and can improve the well-being [...]

Gjosa Shower Head

The Gjosa Shower Head is designed to minimize the high warm water, energy and resource consumption. Professional hair care in salons requires large amounts of warm water, energy and resources. Gjosa is developing a new type of shower head, which has a significantly reduced water consumption and allows the direct infusion of additives into the [...]