An Open Innovation Project of Strüby Konzept AG

Forecasts by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office predict a growth in the permanent Swiss resident population from the current 8.6 million to 10.4 million in 2050. The 10 million mark is expected to be exceeded in 2040. The share of the over-65s in the total population will increase at an above-average rate - from 18.9% today to 25.6% by 2050, i.e. to a good 2.7 million. This will require 70,000 additional places in old people's and nursing homes. Organizations in the geriatric field warn, however, that a capacity expansion on this scale will not be feasible.

Accordingly, alternatives must be created. The expansion of various forms of housing is a promising approach. Furthermore, there is a shortage of land in Switzerland. Inward densification is intended to meet the continuing demand for living space. The question therefore arises as to how a livable built environment can be created in the context of an aging population, dense construction and increasing anonymity.


With the goal of realizing a concept for a multigenerational housing project that addresses precisely these challenges, Strüby Konzept AG launched an open innovation project at the Innovation Park Central Switzerland at the beginning of 2020. As part of the Social Lab, an interdisciplinary team of park members was assembled. The primary aim was to better understand the two target groups "young old people in their mid-60s" and "middle-aged couples and families". Under the title "conscious and fulfilled living", the project team invited a dozen participants from the region to a structured target group workshop. Together, they discussed what constitutes quality of living, a meaningful environment and neighborhood activities.


Based on these findings, Strüby Konzept AG was able to develop a suitable space program and define unique selling points. In collaboration with the Energy Lab, additional ideas for a sustainable energy concept with a focus on Minergie-A-Eco were developed. Also in an open setting, participants considered the recyclability of the materials to be used, the digitalization of the infrastructure, and possible forms of sponsorship and operation. The whole process was accompanied by the Innovation Park Central Switzerland, in particular by the Social Lab. At the end of 2020, Strüby Konzept AG, with the thanks of the input providers, brought the project back into its own organization, where it further developed it and expanded it into a marketable business model.

The multi-layered requirements were incorporated into a process model under the title HOMA (Holz Magnet). The model is intended to enable densification with existing housing stock through new construction, primarily in agglomerations and well-developed and rural regions or communities. The current generation, which owns single-family homes and no longer has children at home, is invited to make their attractive living spaces accessible to families again. For this purpose, an offer suitable for the location and the life goal of this generation of single-family home owners is to be developed.

For the right use and to define the goal, a participatory process is appropriate to capture the needs of future residents as well as the existing potential of the place. The vision includes a wooden building project, close to the center, for and with local people. The participation process is supported by digital tools to define very quickly concrete common denominators for the new building. Tried and tested, social and technical as well as qualitative, sustainable implementation modules are available, which can be used individually and adapted to the location depending on user requirements and goals. The next step will now be the evaluation of a corresponding pilot project by Strüby Konzept AG in 2021.

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