The construction industry is booming, but despite digitization, productivity and innovation are stagnating. Thermoplan AG as a champion in process innovation wants to counteract this trend in the construction of its Plant 5 unique and chooses an innovative execution model that optimizes project execution by involving the companies involved in the construction at an early stage. Silo thinking is to be replaced by collaboratively defined goals for the benefit of the overall project by using the IPD execution model to increase the quality and sustainability of the construction object.

We as Innovation Park are proud that the idea of an innovative building project at our park was developed together with Steiner Adrian and Urs von Arx has arisen. We are even more pleased to see that an idea has become reality and that we have been invited to what is probably the first IPD General Assembly in Switzerland by Thermoplan. Furthermore, we are happy to accompany the project and report on insights in our IPD Lab.