Open House: more than living

Rotkreuz, August 26, 2020

The Hunziker site in Zurich-Leutschenbach, with more than 41,000 square meters of space, provides answers to changing housing needs and social change. With apartments for old and new forms of living, rentable living and working rooms, a wide range of communal spaces and leisure infrastructure, the site creates long-term residential prospects with development potential. Not only ecological sustainability, but also social sustainability is to be promoted. Community-strengthening urban development and an organization that favors participation and coexistence are called for. An important pillar is also the offer of affordable housing, which offers space for a variety of needs. At the Open House on August 26, 2020, Peter Schmid, co-initiator and president of the housing cooperative more than livingvaluable experience with us and presented further concept ideas.

Social Lab: Kick-Off

Zoom, April 1, 2020

The official kick-off of the Social Lab took place on April 1, 2020 with a "Virtual Dinner" in a small circle. Expectations, wishes and visions of the lab were discussed together. It was agreed that development spaces should be created that encourage new perspectives and generate projects by people for people. The focus is on living together, community and places for encounters. The first activities are in the starting blocks.


BE!conference: Ecosystems.

Rotkreuz, October 2, 2019

Thinking in ecosystems is fundamentally changing the economic landscape and does not stop at social aspects. Relationships, partnerships and collaborations are putting people and soft factors at the center. The awareness that individuals and organizations do not exist in isolation but are embedded in a pattern of connections, which in turn forms part of a larger pattern, creates a new view of the world and of people. How do we deal with this? At BE!conference 2019, 120+ invited guests from the construction, building and IT sectors discussed this very question. The bottom line? People should increasingly come together in communities and start a dialog about how we want to live in the future and what the world of tomorrow should look like - completely in the spirit of the Social Lab!

Open House: New working worlds in the context of people, processes & space.

INSIGHT: Future Cities.