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Designing for the Triple Bottom Line.

What does sustainability mean for you and your company? How can you reconcile people, planet and profit - the triple bottom line? And what if the whole thing could also be a lot of fun?

The activities of the Sustainable Business Lab are oriented towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and tie in with concepts such as Circular Economy, Cradle-to-Cradle, Blue Economy and Industrial Ecology. Together we want to approach sustainable design of products, business processes and business models around buildings, sites and ecosystems in the spirit of Open Innovation. The benefits? You secure your own resource stock for the future, strengthen the resilience of your institution, can positively influence the engagement of key stakeholders and open up new business opportunities. Interested in getting involved? Then take the chance and shape the Lab together with like-minded people. We are looking forward to your project ideas! Register now for the kick-off on March 12, 2020.

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Open House: Circular Economy in the Construction Industry.

Rotkreuz, January 23, 2020

As part of the popular Open House series, Marloes Fischer, Founder/CEO of the Circular Hub and President of Madaster Switzerland, presented the latest approaches to Circular Economy. The key message: circularity does not equal recycling! It is about preserving the value of products as the sum of the components for as long as possible before the individual parts are sent for recycling. As a use case in Circular Economy, Marloes introduced us to the Madaster material passport, which turns "waste" into valuable resources. Representatives from Zug Estates, V-ZUG, Roche, Drees & Sommer and other companies discussed possible projects to promote sustainable business.

Swissbau: Every Building is a Material Depot.

Basel, January 15, 2020

Swissbau Focus, the relevant meeting place for decision-makers and experts from business and politics, this year addressed issues including climate change, resource scarcity, migration and immigration in urban agglomerations. The Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) and the Swiss Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (usic) invited to the panel "New working models, new fields of activity". Brigitta Schock from buildingSMART pleaded for a responsible use of (building) raw materials. "Every building is a material depot", she said - exactly in the sense of the Sustainable Business Lab!

BE!conference: Cradle to Cradle.

Rotkreuz, October 2, 2019

At the BE!conference 2019, 120+ invited guests from the construction, building and IT sectors devoted an afternoon to the topic of "Ecosystems". Jürgen M. Volm from Drees & Sommer gave exciting insights into the Cradle to Cradle concept. In times of limited resources, it is becoming a question of existence for companies to design their own products in such a way that they also function in a circular economic system. The instruments used in this context include the pre-screening of existing products, the professional certification of C2C products and the establishment of circular process chains. What is needed is a change in perspective and a teaming up to shape the change together.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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