Gjosa Shower Head

Gjosa Shower Head

The Gjosa Shower Head is designed to minimize the high warm water, energy and resource consumption.

Professional hair care in salons requires large amounts of warm water, energy and resources. Gjosa is developing a new type of shower head, which has a significantly reduced water consumption and allows the direct infusion of additives into the water flow. The project team consists of the company Gjosa and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


The following points should be achieved within the project:

– Understanding and improving the fluid dynamics of spray formation.
– Understanding and improvement of in-situ emulsion formation in this context or for new applications.
– Construction and testing of new mockups.

Initial situation.

Professional hair care in salons requires large amounts of warm water and energy. It is possible to optimize this process and save valuable resources. Gjosa and the University of Lucerne have accepted the challenge.

Are you interested in bringing in and contributing your expertise? Then let us know.


Prof. Dr. Ernesti Casartelli
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology IME, CC Fluid Mechanics and Hydro-Machines

+41 41 349 32 36