2024 March. eco2friendly magazine. Climate protection measures for companies.

2023 Spring. CAMPUS Magazine, CAMPUS SURSEE. IPD as a game changer?

2023 Spring. CAMPUS Magazine, CAMPUS SURSEE. We are going round in circles. At last.

2023 March. eco2friendly magazine. Energy transition thanks to co-creation.

2022 November. Phase5 Magazine. The somewhat different practical view.

2020 April. Sciena - Swiss Science Today. Driving the future of the construction industry together.

2019 October. Zuger Zeitung. Knowledge should flow here.

2019 October. HHM e-Contact. Using the energy of the earthquake.

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Ecosystems - The Future of Collaborative and Competitive RelationshipsView Now

Innovation Park Central Switzerland - Building Excellence
Melissa Kneubühler, Stephan Keller

BE!conference, 2.10.2019

Globalization, urbanization and digitalization are megatrends that characterize the current age and influence everyday working life. They are perceived as externalities that affect people in their perceptions

Circular Economy - Adapting Business Models to a Changed Global Agenda

Innovation Park Central Switzerland - Sustainable Business Lab
Melissa Kneubühler

September 2020

Transforming our world - under this title, the UN General Assembly adopted the global 2030 Agenda in 2015 with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among them are goals such as sustainable consumption and production patterns, the conservation of natural resources and measures for climate protection. This white paper aims to present the Circular Economy and provide food for thought.

Artificial intelligence

Innovation Park Central Switzerland - Building Excellence
Melissa Kneubühler, Stephan Keller

September 2020

There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI). Terms are arbitrarily interchanged and rarely defined, leading to confusion and debate but missing the point. This white paper gives structure to the topic by defining key terms, elaborating on central concepts, and outlining both the potential applications and the limitations and controversies.