Pioneers drive innovation in the construction industry

At our first IPD workshop, we brought together people who want to actively shape the future of the Swiss construction industry. Together with 30 clients, planners, contractors and researchers, we discussed how efficiency in the construction industry can be increased through integrated execution models and the resulting process innovation. Especially in large, complex and risky projects, delays, cost overruns and quality deficiencies occur time and again. The joint discussion focused on how the interests and objectives of the various parties involved in construction can be aligned towards a common goal.

From practice

The basis for such a discussion is the proximity to practice-relevant projects of HHM Group (HEFTI. HESS. MARTIGNONI.), Implenia and Philipp Wieting - Werknetz Architektur AG, which already live approaches of integrated execution models in Switzerland. Impulse lectures from research by Magdalena Mateescu, Manfred Huber and Hartmut Schulze as well as Dirk Hoffmann from the perspective of a client as ex-CEO of V-ZUG served as inspiration for the workshop. Together with the participants, we were able to develop the first building blocks of a target construction kit in order to show which common goals are relevant for future buildings. During the target agreement it became clear that this is a process in which it is a matter of continuously concretizing the targets in a joint development process with the commissioning building owners and finally adopting them in a binding manner. This is a co-creation process and requires appropriate methods and tools, such as workshops and visits.

What next?

As further steps, we will be working in the IPD Lab Together with industry and research, develop methods and tools to launch further projects based on integrated execution models. The focus is in particular on involving the client in the construction process in the long term. In this way, know-how is built up in order to optimize the goals for the user.