With our IPD pioneers Alfred Müller AG , AMBERG LOGLAY AGDigireal AGHHM Group (HEFTI. HESS. MARTIGNONI.)RochesmartconextSwiss Life Asset ManagersThermoplan AGYukon and our research partners Institute Digital Building FHNWSchool of Applied Psychology FHNW we continued to drive process innovation in the construction industry at our 2nd IPD Workshop.

Together with the IPD followers Amstein + WalthertEberli AGLandisSchindler Group and Train Estates we are working on new forms of collaboration and culture to counteract today's problems in the construction industry. Unlike a linear execution model, the IPD approach focuses on the dynamic-integrated interaction of different people involved in construction.

It is becoming clear that collaborative working is becoming more important. A common understanding of the construction project is also important for success. The IPD Canvas Model we developed in the workshop is a framework that visualizes and structures the construction project and thus facilitates discussion, especially in the initial phase before construction begins.

Stay tuned! Soon we will be able to present you the first results.

We would also like to thank the participating guests: Burckhardt+PartnerCAMPUS SURSEEEBPImpleniaMatt ZT Ltd.pom+Consulting AGrefine Switzerland AGSSA Architects AG BSA SIATGS Architects AG.

Dr. Maximilian Richter Tobias Achermann Manfred Huber Prof. Dr.-Ing. Margarete Olender Magdalena Mateescu Hartmut Schulze Matthias Gehrig Tobias miller Emmanuel Gilgen Thomas Hänggi