ewl energie wasser luzern is a modern service company at home in the city of Lucerne and active in central Switzerland. Its ecologically and economically sustainable offerings include electricity, natural gas, heat, water, telecommunications, energy services and electrical installations.
ewl is opening up the communities of Horw and Kriens with lake energy in a pioneering project. Water from the Horw Bay of Lake Lucerne is used to heat buildings sustainably or to cool them as needed. This is made possible by the use of a proven technology with which the lake water is extracted from a depth of around 40 meters and transported to the energy center by a water pump. There, a heat exchanger transfers the energy to a separate network of pipes. The water, which has been cooled by 3 degrees, then flows back into the lake. The energy is produced locally and the added value remains in the region.

Jörg Hoffmann

Overall project manager

Sea Energy
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