We are very pleased that we have been able to work with the Zurich Soft Robotics GmbH welcome another new member to our Park Central team.

The start-up offers with their product Solskin a dynamic solar system that is characterized by high efficiency and modern architecture.
However, Solskin is not only a photovoltaic system, but also effectively protects buildings and their occupants from overheating by AI-controlled shading, thus reducing energy costs.

A special robust and weather-resistant actuator, consisting of three soft pneumatic chambers, allows the solar panels to be aligned with the sun, producing up to 40% more electricity than conventional PV systems.
The modular customizable mosaic of solar panels silently opens and illuminates the space while unblocking the view.
Solskin was developed and tested over 8 years at ETH Zurich and is now being launched this year.

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