Pay-per-use in the residential environment

Pay-per-use in the residential environment

Sustainably meeting changing needs in the living environment

Needs in the living environment change over time, depending on the personal life situation. What innovative business models are there to meet changing needs? One approach that has become established in other industries is pay-per-use. Here, products are not sold, but services are charged according to use. For example: number of pages printed vs. printer, number of coffees brewed vs. coffee maker, amount of compressed air used vs. compressed air system, etc. This allows users to flexibly access infrastructure without having to purchase it themselves. These business models have the potential to take on a pioneering role in terms of sustainability. Durable products become a competitive advantage and incentivize the development of low-consumption products, as these costs are often borne by the provider. But are such models even in demand in the residential environment? What are the technological possibilities?

Project status 100%


(1) Definition of new business models and validation by means of survey
(2) Creation of concept with several trades, which is attractive for investors, users & manufacturers.


(1) Survey results with 273 participants (corresponds to a very good response rate).
(2) Documentation of findings
The practical implementation of the findings is carried out individually and company-specifically by the participating companies.


- Monthly sprint workshops of ½ day duration each for eight months.
- external moderation by ITZ Innovation Transfer Central Switzerland

Project Team

Erich Obrist, ITZ Innovation Transfer Central Switzerland (moderator)
Reto Herger, ewl energie wasser luzern
Tim Weingärtner, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts Computer Science
Alessandro Buriola, Otto Fischer AG
Stephan Grüter, thingdust AG
Andri Nicolai, TROX HESCO Switzerland AG
Andreas Bittig, V-ZUG AG
Lukas Muggli, V-ZUG AG
Beat Sidler, V-ZUG AG
Ercan Yapalak, Zehnder Group
Matthias Schwander, Zug Estates AG