White Paper: Circular Economy Business Models

White Paper: Circular Economy Business Models

Adapting Business Models to a Changed Global Agenda

Economic performance in the secondary sector is characterized by a linear value creation model: extraction of raw materials - production of goods - use of goods to satisfy needs - disposal. This model proves to be unsustainable in several aspects. The one-time use of resources depletes their stock. At the same time, the disposal process harms the planet as a resource producer, which limits the possibilities for future need satisfaction. Circular Economy is based on an alternative resource flow, a cyclical model, which promises sustainable and long-term satisfaction of needs. Circular Economy also provides companies with the opportunity to improve resource availability, strengthen brand value and stakeholder engagement, and open up new markets and business opportunities. The various aspects will be outlined in a white paper. The contents will serve as food for thought for future joint activities of the Sustainable Business Lab participants.

Project status 90%


(1) Definition Circular Economy
(2) Preparation processes and design principles
(3) Overview of value creation opportunities and business models
(4) Discussions and further activities within the framework of the Sustainable Business Lab.



Melissa Kneubüher, Innovation Park Central Switzerland